About Subacco
Subacco Tours on boat Como Lake 7

Hello my name is Roberto, but for friends “SuBacco” I live on Lake Como for 15 years and I will drive the tourist myself to discover the wonders of Lake Como, for a Tour lasting two (2h), during which there will be ‘the description in various languages (Italian, English) of the beautiful villas and of the main attractions of which it is possible to enjoy only from the Lake on a Boat.

Each tour is for a limited number of people maximum five (5 pax) with the possibility of private boat for two people (2 pax).

SuBacco is a small company, ready to welcome few people and interact with them through expert Sommeliers (AIS) diving instructors and Divemasters (Cmas, Padi, Nadd) to be able to transmit the love and history of Lake Como among its Villas and its views, combined with its wines and for those who love an exciting experience, we are ready to take you to the depths of the lake, diving beautifully. SuBacco small but with a great passion to be transmitted.