Boat Tour Lake Como

Italy is a country full of beautiful landscapes, and the area around Lake Como is one of the most appreciated by tourists: here you will find picturesque towns full of history, mountains, national parks, castles, churches and cultural sites.

Looking for what to do during your holidays in Italy? If you are a nature enthusiast, you’ll love going on a boat tour on Lake Como!

Subacco welcomes you to one of the exciting experiences you can do on the area of Lake Como, that is a boat tour to find out iconic landscapes and beautiful sceneries.

Get on board on one of Subacco’s boats and embark on a wonderful adventure, for about an hour and a half, and discover the history of this beautiful area! While sipping a good glass of local wine, you can take pictures of amazing places and listen to the history of the main attractions told by the captain.

If you want your boat tour on Lake Como to be more intimate and romantic, Subacco gives you the opportunity to rent a private boat! This tour lasts about 2 hours, where you can also enjoy a swim in the lake: don’t forget to bring your swimsuit!

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Rent Boat Lake Como

The idea of a boat tour pleases you, but you wish you could do it only by yourself, or with your friends, or even with your beloved one? Well then, with Subacco you can rent a boat on Lake Como for a personal tour! In two or three hours, you’ll have the chance to see the magic of this incredible lake and fall in love with its colors and landscapes, or even take a dive in the water and make a relaxing swim in marvelous places. You can sail with a group of maximum 6 people, and live an unforgettable experience on one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy.

To rent a boat on Lake Como by Subacco, you don’t need a boat license: in fact, the structure of our motor boats is made to be easily driven by anyone. The Subacco team frequently checks the status of all components to ensure all passengers a safe and enjoyable trip: not by chance, on Google you can find many reviews of the kind travelers who wanted to tell their positive experience with us!

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