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Come to Discover Lake Como

Discovering Lake Como is an interesting opportunity not only to relax but also to learn something new about this wonderful land. In fact, there are many beautiful villages around the lake and exciting attractions to experience fantastic adventures, such as boat tours, diving, and even trekking. Continue reading to discover everything about this magic Lake.

The charm of Lake Como

When talking about Italy, the first city that comes to mind is Rome. However, the capital is not the only wonder to see in this country. If we were in Lombardy, in fact, we would be enchanted by the charm of Lake Como. Its clear waters, its fauna, and its colors enchant anyone who comes to see it.

The most beautiful lake in the world to discover

Lake Como (or Lario) is located in Lombardy, about 80 kilometers from Milan, between Como and Lecco. It is the third-largest Italian lake, and it is recently classified as the most beautiful lake in the world.

In addition, thanks to its wonderful villas, characterized by large beautiful gardens, the lake is becoming one of the most visited tourist destinations in Italy. In fact, the landscape that you can admire from Lake Como is absolutely unique and breathtaking. Therefore, when you stay there, you cannot miss the whole surrounding landscape. The mountains arround seem to embrace the entire basin, creating a fusion between the motherland and the lake itself. A truly exciting feeling!

Top 10 destinations of Lake Como

discover Lake Como

As you might have noticed, Lake Como is one of the tourist destinations par excellence in Italy. Therefore, it turns out to be very useful to know what are the main attractions of this land. In fact, there are so many incredible places around this basin that you’ll be spoiled for choice! So, let us help you in this fantastic adventure and read on to discover the 10 best Lake Como destinations.

Cernobbio, the citadel of silk

Besides the wonderful landscape, Cernobbio is known for its highly developed silk industry. In fact, the town has an important archaeological area concerning the textile industry. Moreover, thanks to its great location, it is an ideal destination to organize boat trips.

Bellagio, the pearl of Lake Como

Bellagio is built right in the point where Lake Como branches off into the southern arms. It is a charming town, quieter than other places in the area. Its fame is especially due to luxurious villas, but also for having an incredible variety of landscapes.


Osuccio, “Zoca de l’Oli”

This village is located in front of the only island in the lake, Comacina, and it overlooks the so-called “Zoca de l’Oli”. This expression refers to the tranquility of the area’s waters, characterized by a mild climate. The village has a rich historical, artistic and archaeological heritage, which allows you to discover many interesting things about Lake Como.

Torno, the ancient village

This small town is one of the oldest in the whole area. It still preserves churches, monuments, and historic buildings, which deserve to be visited. Torno also represents the ideal place for lovers of nature, thanks to its fabulous landscapes.

Bellano, l’Orrido del Nesso

Bellano rises on the eastern shore of  Lake Como, a few kilometers north of Varenna. The main attraction of this town is the natural gorge carved by the Pioverna stream, knows as “Orrido del Nesso”. It is a place rich of suggestions that leave tourists spellbound, while admiring its great waterfalls and rock walls.

Varenna, a romantic place

Varenna is so romantic: it is characterized by picturesque alleys and colorful houses, which make the atmosphere so lively. Moreover, the village offers the beautiful palaces and gardens of Villa Cipressi and Villa Monastero, which are ideal for a relaxing walk.

Lenno, the gulf of Venus

The village is situated along the slopes of Mount Tremezzo, in a suggestive natural inlet called the “gulf of Venus”. On the lakefront, there are several elegant villas, such as Villa Monastero. So you can relax while looking at all that scenic location with a beautiful panoramic view.

Tremezzo, Villa Carlotta

In front of Bellagio there is the beautiful village of Tremezzo. The main attraction is represented by one of the most beautiful villas of Lake Como: Villa Carlotta. It has a very large botanical garden right on the shore of the lake, which offers a breathtaking view.

Villa Carlotta

Menaggio, love for sport

This beautiful village is considered the ideal place for lovers of sports and physical activity, who can dabble in multiple disciplines, especially golf and swimming. Its historical center presents a beautiful central square that also has an important artistic heritage, all to be discovered.

Sala Comacina, GreenWay

Last on the list, but no less important is Greenway, a 10 km route through some of the most picturesque villages in the area.

When you get to Sala Comacina, don’t forget to admire the breathtaking view created by Comacina Island and the promontory of Puncia.

discover Lake Como