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Attrazioni turistiche sul lago di como

Lake Como tourist attractions to discover by boat

Discovering the tourist attractions on Lake Como is an incredible experience: among natural beauties, picturesque towns overlooking the lake and places of artistic and cultural interest, you will be breathless.
In this article, we will take you on an exciting journey to discover breathtaking views and unique adventures that only Lake Como can offer.

Why choose Lake Como for your holiday

Lake Como is a destination that stands out for its timeless elegance and the variety of experiences it offers. Surrounded by imposing mountains and luxurious villas, the lake invites visitors to explore the perfect combination of nature and history. To opt for this destination is to immerse oneself in a rich cultural landscape, where every view has the power to deliver intense emotions.

Lake Como is not only one of Europe’s deepest lakes, it is also a destination that offers an irresistible mix of natural beauty, history, culture and luxury. Its navigable waters and multiple attractions make it an ideal place for adventure and relaxation holidays. The possibility of admiring breathtaking scenery, visiting picturesque villages and savouring the local cuisine make it a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a different experience.
Whether you are a water sports enthusiast, a nature lover or a lover of art and architecture, Lake Como has something to offer you.

But what are the main tourist attractions and what to do on Lake Como? Below we will find out what are the most beautiful experiences for those planning a holiday in these areas.

Tourist attractions on Lake Como

Choosing Lake Como as a stopover on your holiday in Italy will please everyone. The activities and attractions of Lake Como make a stay here suitable for:

  • Families with small children, who are looking for a quiet holiday discovering the villages overlooking the lake. (to find out about boat tours for families read the dedicated article)
  • Couples looking for an intimate and romantic experience, made magical by breathtaking views and slow rhythms,
  • Adventurous travellers who enjoy being in contact with nature. In the area, there are numerous mountain itineraries that, added to the boat tours on Lake Como, can offer a true full immersion!
  • Art and history lovers, the historic villas are one of the highlights of Lake Como and attract tourists from all over the world.
  • Lovers of gastronomy, typical dishes (not only fish from the lake, but also cheeses, salami and formidable desserts) and characteristic restaurants make Lake Como one of the most interesting destinations for those who love gastronomic tourism.

Visitors to this region cannot miss:

The most beautiful villages on Lake Como

The villages dotting the shores of Lake Como are real treasures to be discovered. Bellagio, known as the ‘Pearl of the Lake’, is an enchanting example with its cobbled lanes and panoramic views. Varenna, another picturesque village, charms visitors with its romantic atmosphere and colourful lakeside promenade. Each village has its own uniqueness, stories to tell and traditions to experience. Walking through their streets is like stepping back in time, where the slow pace and daily life reflect the tranquillity of the lake.

The historic villas on Lake Como

The historic villas are among the most fascinating attractions on Lake Como and one more reason to visit this wonderful region. These magnificent residences, often surrounded by Italian-style gardens, tell stories of nobility and times gone by. Villa Balbianello, with its scenic location, and Villa Carlotta, famous for its works of art and botanical gardens, are just two examples of the wonders you can explore. From the boat, you will have the opportunity to enjoy unparalleled views of these historic architectures, often only visible from the water. A tour of the historic villas on Lake Como is not simply a visit; it is a journey through centuries of beauty, art and culture that will remain etched in your heart.

Trekking on Lake Como

As already mentioned, those who choose Lake Como for an outdoor holiday will not be disappointed. There are many nature trails within this area.

Among the many, two deserve special mention:

  • The Greenway of Lake Como is known for its accessibility. Its itinerary goes from Colonno to Cadenabbia, passing through the municipalities of Colonno, Sala Comacina, Ossuccio, Lenno, Mezzegra,Tremezzo and Griante, following the ancient Via Regina in places. It takes three and a half hours to cover it all, and can be divided into seven stages: from Colonno to Sala Comacina, from Sala Comacina to Ossuccio, from Ossuccio to Lenno, from Lenno to Mezzegra, from Mezzegra to Tremezzo, from Tremezzo to Griante, and from Griante to the end of the Greenway.
  • The Via dei Monti Lariani is suitable for more experienced hikers. This hiking trek runs along the western shore of Lake Como for a good 125 km. The route links several locations along the mountains, once alpine pastures, from Cernobbio to Sorico. It is a road at an average altitude of 1,000 metres that is also suitable for less experienced hikers and offers wonderful views of the Lombardy mountains.

Lake view dinners and lunches

Lovers of good food will not be disappointed. In the most beautiful villages of Lake Como there is no shortage of gastronomic offerings, made up of sweet and savoury recipes.
Staying in these areas also means being able to savour the taste of local cuisine in incredible locations. Among dehors, gardens, terraces and pergolas overlooking the lake you can relax in romantic atmospheres and breathtaking views.

Boat tours on Lake Como

If among the three tourist attractions already mentioned you don’t know which one to choose, our proposal will give you the chance to condense, in a single experience, many of the activities already listed: Subacco’s boat tours will let you discover the true essence of Lake Como!

Boat tours are in fact the best way to appreciate the beauty of the lake from a unique perspective. From the water you can discover and admire hidden places and picturesque corners inaccessible from land.

Boat tours are therefore an opportunity not to be missed to fully experience the area during your stay on Lake Como.

With a wide range of options available, you can choose from:

  • panoramic group tours to admire the sights of Lake Como,
  • private tours for an excursion in complete tranquillity,
  • boat hire to explore the villages and trails in total freedom.

If for the tours an expert guide will be at your disposal to tell you the stories and legends that animate these historic places, for the boat hire there will be a briefing of a maximum of 15 minutes with the Subacco team to illustrate the rules of safe driving.

A boat licence is not required for chartering, but it is important to ensure both enjoyment and compliance with local laws for enjoyable and safe navigation.

How to make the most of a boat tour on Lake Como

Lake Como captures the imagination of anyone who visits it with its timeless charm. The clear, calm waters reflect the surrounding mountains and blue skies, creating scenery that looks like paintings. The lake’s charm lies in its ability to combine imposing nature with the elegance of its tourist destinations.
A boat tour on Lake Como offers an experience that goes beyond a simple tourist visit: it is an immersion in a landscape that enchants, relaxes and remains impressed in the memory.

To get the most out of your boating experience on Lake Como, here are some practical tips:

  • Choose the right time of year to visit: spring and autumn offer ideal weather and vividly coloured views, with less crowding than in the high summer season.
  • Book a boat tour in advance to ensure availability and consider a private tour for a day tailored to your interests.
  • Always check the weather conditions before departure.
  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Take a camera with you to capture the breathtaking views.

How to book a Lake Como tour with Subacco Tour

Booking a boat tour on Lake Como with Subacco Tour is quick and easy.
By visiting our website, you will discover the different tour options available: choose the one that best suits your needs!

Subacco Lake Como Boat Tours can be booked online in advance, so you can plan your stay on Lake Como without fear of not finding availability for a boat tour!

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