Scuba diving in Lake Como
Scuba diving in Lake Como

Come and dive on Lake Como

Scuba diving is one of the most intense and fascinating activities to experience on Lake Como.

Anyone who loves to swim and discover the deep waters of Lake Como will have the wonderful opportunity to explore them together with the Subacco staff.

They will be able to guide you in this deep experience and make you discover the most beautiful places to see under the waters of Lake Como.

Scuba diving in Lake Como with Subacco

Take a scuba dive in Lake Como is a great way to see how beautiful and charming it is.

The wonderful Lake Como is, indeed, an ideal place for all scuba diving lovers. In fact, coming to the lake you will have the opportunity to contact Subacco, a company that provides various tourist services on Lake Como, including diving and have a wonderful underwater experience.

Subacco organizes fascinating dives, for all levels and guides groups of certified divers, assisting the instructors during the diving activities. So, together with the owner of the company, Roberto, and the scuba diving instructor, Giuseppe Scalia, who belonging to the “BIBO SUB DIVING SCHOOL” you can discover all the underwater beauties under the waters of Lake Como.

Thanks to Subacco, you’ll be supported by a highly experienced dive instructor, with 360° knowledge of the world of diving and scuba training in general.  His qualification is, in fact, among one of the highest educational levels provided in recreational diving.

What to expect?

Through the guidance of the diving instructor you can admire the beauty of Lake Como from another perspective, that is underwater.

scuba diving in lake comoThe diving trip will last 4 hours. Long enough to discover Lake Como underwater and then take a refreshing dip.

In this underwater adventure you will discover the most hidden beauties of Lake Como, including Wrecks, Statues, War Tanks and Mysterious Stolen Cars.

All along the experience you will be in the company of the welcoming host Roberto and the professional dive instructor Giuseppe. They will make the experience unforgettable and very memorable thanks to their hospitality, great explanations, and good humor.

Is any training required?

For those who already have a diving license, it is possible to dive without further tests, but immediately starting the adventure to discover Lake Como and all its unique places that we will make you visit. Instead, for those who want to approach this world for the first time there is the possibility to have lessons and tests before we start our guide under the waters of Lake Como.

Where does the dives start?

The place where the trip will start is located at the “Darsena di Sant ‘Agostino” on Lungo Lario Trieste, a few steps from the railway station “Como Lago” and the stop of the “Bus asphalines”. Easily accessible on foot from the Historic Center of Como.

What is included in the scuba diving trip?

For the dive trip you will be provided with all the necessary equipment: gas cylinder and regulator, wetsuit, weights, fins, mask, and gloves.

You will be in the good hands of a scuba diving instructor who has high diving certification and will give you all the necessary information for the conduct of the dive and the use of diving equipment.

Absolutely a must do!

Scuba diving is absolutely a must do if you want to discover Lake Como. It takes you to a world full of amazing things to see, so don’t miss this opportunity if you come to the lake.

Book your dive now and live this deep experience on Lake Como with Subacco.

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