Villa Pizzo
villa pizzo

Villa Pizzo: one of the most beautiful patrimonies of Lake Como

Famous for its elegance and for the breathtaking view, Villa Pizzo cannot be missed while in Como or around the Lake. This noble residence of the seventeenth century is located on the promontory of the gulf of Cernobbio. Halfway between Moltrasio and Cernobbio, Villa Pizzo and all the buildings next to it are fully visible only from the lake.

Continue reading to discover the history of this wonderful villa and all that it offers.

villa pizzo

The History

Villa Pizzo is one of the oldest houses on Lake Como. It takes its name from the rocky outcrop on which it stands: Piz (in Como dialect means peak).

The land for the construction of the Villa was purchased in the fifteenth century by the Mugiasca family, who jealously guarded Villa Pizzo for over four hundred years.

Among the illustrious personages who frequented the Villa during the Mugiasca property, there was also the famous scientist Alessandro Volta, remembered by a monument that the owners had built following his death in 1827. This is the very first historical monument dedicated to Volta.

When the Mugiasca family died out, it was Ranieri d’Asburgo, viceroy of Lombardo-Veneto, who bought the property. He found in Villa Pizzo the ideal place of rest and refuge from the complex political events of the time. Along with him, the famous landscape architect Villoresi, already the designer of the Villa Reale in Monza, gave a unique and definitive structure to the large park around the Villa.

Following the turbulent political events of the end of the nineteenth century, which resulted in the “Moti del 48”, the viceroy left the Villa. Then, it was purchased by the charming Parisian madame Elise Musard, who gave a very recognizable feminine touch to the Villa, dyeing it pink, as it has remained until today.


pizzo villa

The complex of Villa Pizzo includes the main building, the annexes, the greenhouses, the Volpi-Basaani mausoleum, and a park made of different types of gardens.

The main building has a rectangular plan on two floors. In the facade, characterized by symmetry, there is a single balcony in a central position above the entrance.

The architecture of the residence, as well as that of the oldest rural houses that surround it, is characterized by linearity and simplicity.

The simple and geometric architecture of the Villa, combined with the uniqueness of the history and events that took place in Villa Pizzo over the centuries, make the Villa a unique place on Lake Como.

Inside the Villa there are fabulous decorations that intersect with the irregularity and variety of shapes, colors and styles of the gardens, giving a great balance with the irregular nature of the place.

Villa Pizzo Gardens

gardens villa pizzo

This fascinating residence rich in history on Lake Como has wonderful botanical gardens with a wide variety of plants and flowers, neat paths among flowerbeds, hedges, and baroque fountains.

Elegant and refined with unspoiled nature, the gardens of the villa make Villa Pizzo a particularly suggestive place, full of natural beauty. The gardens extend to the level of the two main buildings, the main villa, and an Italian-style building further east.

In the northernmost area, there is the romantic English Garden, made to walk among multiple views and majestic trees. In this area, there is also a beautiful Cypress avenue that protects the Villa from the cold and northern winds.

On the other side of the Villa, adjacent to the terrace, there is a staircase adorned with suggestive sandstone statues. The staircase leads to the portico below and to a covered passage that connects the Villa to the Palazzina built by Pietro Volpi Bassani.

Finally, one of the most suggestive places of the park is the avenue of Taxus baccata, which leads to the great dock.

A perfect location for weddings

Romantically overlooking Lake Como, Villa Pizzo is a magnificent location in neoclassical style perfect for exclusive and refined weddings.

With a breathtaking view in this fabulous setting, you will have the chance to have the ceremony of your dreams. This beautiful location is perfect for celebrating weddings in all seasons of the year thanks to the many and varied spaces that the villa offers.

There are magnificent interior rooms furnished with antique furniture and beautiful gardens overlooking the lake perfect for spring and summer weddings. In addition, our qualified staff will take care of every detail to meet your needs and make your ceremony a true fairy tale dream.