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Le cascate sul lago di como

Waterfalls of Lake Como: a destination for nature lovers

The Waterfalls of Lake Como are a breathtaking attraction for travellers seeking a holiday immersed in the enchanting nature of Lake Como. With a series of waterfalls, canyons and gorges to explore, the area offers an experience especially after the periods of heavy summer rains that invigorate the Lario’s waterways. Together we will discover the must-see wonders of Lake Como, offering an exciting opportunity for adventure and natural beauty not to be missed.

The charm of Lake Como: a jewel of nature

Lake Como is a real jewel set in the Lombard Pre-Alps, a destination that fascinates with its crystal-clear waters and breathtaking views. This stretch of water, deep and meandering between mountains covered in lush greenery, is a true paradise for lovers of nature and tranquillity. Around the lake, picturesque villages rise up like precious gems, offering cultural and architectural insights that blend harmoniously with the landscape. The shores of Lake Como are a succession of historic villas, Italian gardens and woodland paths that invite timeless exploration. The richness of the flora and fauna, together with the purity of the air and the quality of the water, make every visit a fresh discovery, an experience that renews body and mind.

The waterfalls of Lake Como: an unforgettable experience

Visiting the waterfalls of Lake Como is an experience that enchants the senses and leaves an indelible memory in travellers’ hearts. These spectacular manifestations of nature can be found in various locations around the lake, each with its own particular beauty and unique characteristics. The sound of water rushing into the clear pools below creates a soothing melody that mingles with the songs of birds and the rustling of leaves. Waterfall excursions are the perfect opportunity to fully immerse oneself in the serenity of the environment and to admire the power and grace of the moving water. Whether it is the imposing waterfalls or the small jets creeping between the rocks, a visit to these magical places is a must for anyone choosing a holiday on Lake Como.

Nesso, the beautiful village on Lake Como

Discovering Nesso

Nesso is a small, charming village on the shores of Lake Como, a place where time seems to stand still. Characterised by stone houses, narrow streets and steep stairways, Nesso retains an authentic atmosphere and old-world charm. The village is famous for the Orrido di Nesso, an impressive natural gorge formed by the Nosè stream that flows into the lake creating a spectacular waterfall. The footbridge across the gorge offers a privileged vantage point to observe the power of the water and the unique geology of the place. Nesso invites visitors to relax and discover its beauty at a slow pace, between a walk in the surroundings and a culinary break in one of its cosy little restaurants.

The architectural heritage of Nesso

The architectural heritage of Nesso is a treasure chest that bears witness to centuries of history and culture. Walking through the village streets, one encounters historic buildings such as the 12th-century Church of St Peter and Paul, which dominates the landscape with its Romanesque bell tower. The frescoes and sacred furnishings inside tell stories of faith and tradition. The old houses of Nesso, some of which date back to the 16th century, are surprising with their robust architecture and facades adorned with decorative elements in local stone. Many of these historic homes overlook the waters of the lake, offering enchanting views that have inspired artists and writers over the centuries. A walk among these vestiges of the past is a journey back in time that enriches a visit to Nesso.

The waterfalls of Domaso and the Orrido di Bellano

Le cascate di Domaso e The waterfalls of Domaso and Orrido di Bellano: breathtaking adventures

The Domaso waterfalls offer an unforgettable experience for those seeking adventure and thrills. *Located in the northern part of Lake Como, these waterfalls are the result of rushing waters rushing down from the surrounding mountains, creating a wild and unspoilt landscape. Access to the falls is an enthralling path that winds between rocks and lush vegetation, an invitation to exploration for trekking and nature enthusiasts. Not far away, the Orrido di Bellano is another natural wonder of the lake, a deep gorge carved out over millennia by the Pioverna stream. A suspension bridge allows visitors to cross the gorge and take a closer look at the marmitte dei giganti (giants’ potholes) and the imposing rock walls. These two natural jewels are examples of the strength and beauty that nature can express, and are a must for anyone wishing to experience Lake Como in all its majesty.

Holiday tips for Lake Como

When to visit the waterfalls of Lake Como

watercourses and the waterfalls swell, offering an impressive spectacle. Autumn is also a good season, thanks to the rains that intensify the flow of the falls and the foliage that tints the forests in warm colours. In summer, the waterfalls offer natural refreshment and are the ideal place to take a break from the heat, while winter turns them into impressive ice sculptures. It is important to bear in mind that the accessibility of some waterfalls may vary depending on weather conditions and the season. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, it is advisable to always check the condition of the trails and to equip yourself adequately before embarking on excursions in these natural areas of Lake Como.

How to reach the waterfalls of Lake Como

Reaching the waterfalls of Lake Como is an adventure that is part of the experience. Many of the waterfalls are accessible via hiking trails and require a walk through nature. For example, the waterfall of the Torrente San Giovanni can be reached by a footpath from the village of Nesso. Others, such as the Orrido di Bellano, are accessible through visitor facilities. For those without a car, many villages can also be reached by water. By hiring a boat, it will be possible to dock on the shores of the lake and walk to the paths leading to the waterfalls. Opting for this solution will also offer the advantage of enjoying a unique view from the lake.

Book a tour on Lake Como

The emotion of a holiday on Lake Como

A holiday on Lake Como is an opportunity to break away from the daily routine and immerse yourself in an environment of pure beauty. The calm waters and mountains reflected in the lake create a peaceful backdrop, while the waterfalls add a touch of adventure and wonder. Whether it is a peaceful stay in one of the lake’s enchanting villas or a day exploring its natural beauty, Lake Como never ceases to amaze. Booking a boat tour can enrich your holiday, allowing you to discover hidden corners and appreciate the lake from a unique perspective. A trip on Lake Como is an emotion that will remain etched in the memory of every traveller, an invitation to return to explore new aspects and secrets each time.

Boat tours on Lake Como: admiring the beauty from the lake

On Lake Como boat tour the opportunity to admire the beauty of the landscape from a privileged perspective. During the tour, one can discover small hidden bays, elegant historical villas overlooking the lake, and colourful flower gardens along the coast. Subacco Tour offers a wide choice of different solutions to reach the waterfalls of Lake Como:
  • Hire a boat: with Subacco Tour’s hire boats you can plan trips on the lake for up to five hours. The departure from Como will allow you to reach the Orrido di Nesso.
  • Private tour: an intimate experience through the most fascinating attractions of Lake Como. A way to enjoy the beauty of this region from an unusual perspective, perhaps for a romantic occasion such as a marriage proposal.
  • Group tours: guided tours of two or three hours for up to seven people.

Book a tour on Lake Como: how to visit waterfalls from the lake

Booking a boat tour on Lake Como to visit the waterfalls from the lake is an experience that adds a touch of magic to your holiday. The best way to organise a visit to Lake Como with a boat tour is:
  • choose the desired
  • duration of the boat tour.
  • determine the tour stops.
Once these points are clarified, you can book the guided boat tour or the boat rental. With Subacco Tour you can book online in advance, forgetting the stress of tourist queues on the spot.
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