Boat Tours on Lake Como

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Admire the wonders of the ‘most beautiful lake in the world’, enjoy a unique experience from a privileged perspective

Discover the beauty of Lake Como by boat: your most beautiful holiday

What to do on Lake Como? Discover the beauty of Lake Como, an enchanting destination for your next trip: the perfect mix of natural beauty, village tourism and a relaxing stay between culinary experiences and boat tours.
Como, Tremezzo, Menaggio, Bellagio, Lecco are just a few of the towns on the lake, marked by fascinating stories and breathtaking views.

In this article, we will guide you through the lake’s main attractions, with tips and detailed information on how to organise the perfect holiday on Lake Como.

Get ready for a unique experience!

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Holiday on Lake Como: a unique experience

A holiday on Lake Como is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a picture-postcard landscape, where nature blends with art and history.

Expect to sail on crystal-clear waters, surrounded by the majestic Alps and historic villas reflected in the lake. Days here begin with birdsong and a lakeside café, and continue with visits to botanical gardens, exploration of ancient villages and the inevitable boat tours.
Aboard a boat, you will discover hidden nooks and crannies and views inaccessible from land, as the wind ruffles your hair and the sun sets behind the peaks.

Every moment on Lake Como becomes a precious memory, an experience that enriches the spirit and leaves its mark on the heart.

Tour in barca sul Lago di Como
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The opportunities offered by the Lake Como area

This region rich in history and charm offers tourists unique opportunities to discover enchanted places and fairytale landscapes in a thousand different ways.
For trekking and nature enthusiasts, mountain hikes in this area offer breathtaking views, while those who choose Lake Como for its intimate and relaxing atmospheres, lakeside walks reveal enchanting corners of peace.

The lake, with its characteristic inverted ‘Y’ shape, hides bays and beaches where you can relax and sunbathe. The flora is rich and varied, with gardens and parks displaying different, yet exciting, colours and scents in every season.

On the other hand, those looking for a holiday to immerse themselves in the wonder of the typical fishing villages overlooking the lake will be spoilt for choice: with food, historic villas and exclusive boutiques to shop in, they will not be disappointed.

The experience that everyone agrees on and that gives unique memories, however, is sailing on Lake Como, which allows you to admire places of interest from the water, even very distant from each other, but above all to discover corners and areas hidden to those visiting the region on foot.

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Unique experiences on Lake Como: boat tours

A boat tour on Lake Como is the essence of an authentic and unforgettable experience. Admiring historic villas and lush gardens from an exclusive perspective, accompanied by expert guides who can tell their stories and legends, is a true privilege.
With Subacco Tour you can choose between lake como boat rental for a tailor-made adventure, or private or group tours, accompanied by a skipper.

While private boat tours and hiring are a truly exclusive service, group tours offer a unique experience at a lower cost, with one advantage: meeting new people and making new friends!

Tour in barca sul Lago di Como
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The most iconic places on the Lake

The Lario is dotted with suggestive places worth discovering. An ideal Lake Como itinerary can start at the Voltiano lighthouse in Brunate, accessible by a historic funicular railway, which offers a spectacular view from above.

Further along is the spectacular Villa del Balbianello in Lenno, famous for its terraced gardens and appearances in world-famous films. In Varenna, the lakeside promenade leads to wonderful cafés where you can enjoy an ice cream while watching the sunset. A visit to Villa Carlotta, where art and nature come together in a museum surrounded by a botanical garden, is not to be missed.

Finally, a boat trip to admire the picturesque villages overlooking the lake is a breathtaking experience.
Each stop is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of Lake Como.

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The most beautiful villages on Lake Como

Surrounding Lake Como are some of the most beautiful villages in Italy, each with its own unique charm. With their fairytale atmospheres, typical restaurants and small craft workshops, they are the authentic soul of the lake, where tradition and beauty come together in an unforgettable travel experience.

Bellagio: the pearl of Lake Como

Bellagio is known as the pearl of Lake Como, and it is not hard to see why. Situated at the junction of three branches of the lake, this enchanting town offers breathtaking views from every angle. Strolling along the narrow stairways and cobbled lanes, you will come across craft shops and cafés that invite you to take a relaxing break. Nature and history lovers will be thrilled to explore the lush gardens of Villa Melzi or admire the neoclassical architecture of Villa Serbelloni.

During the summer, Bellagio comes alive with festivals and concerts, making the atmosphere even more magical. A visit to Bellagio is not complete without a boat trip, from which you can appreciate the beauty of this jewel of Lake Como from a new perspective.

Whether you are there for a day or a longer stay, Bellagio will be one of the highlights of your Lake Como holiday.

Varenna: a picturesque and romantic village

Varenna is a hidden gem on Lake Como, a picturesque village that looks like something out of a postcard. With its colourful houses reflected in the calm waters of the lake, Varenna is the ideal place for those seeking a romantic and relaxed atmosphere. The lakeside promenade offers an enchanting promenade, perfect for an evening for two, while the small restaurants offer moments of pure culinary pleasure overlooking the lake. 

A visit to the gardens of Villa Monastero, with their variety of exotic plants and priceless views of the lake, is recommended. For the adventurous, however, there are paths that climb the surrounding hills, offering ever new and surprising views.
Varenna is an experience not to be missed for anyone wishing to discover the tranquillity and beauty of Lake Como.

Tremezzina: a concentration of beauty and attractions

Tremezzina, located on the western shores of Lake Como, is a destination that offers a concentration of natural beauty and cultural attractions. At the centre of attention is the famous Villa Carlotta, with its botanical gardens, works of art and temporary exhibitions that attract visitors from all over the world.

The area is a nature lover’s paradise, with paths winding through the greenery and offering spectacular views of the lake and surrounding mountains. The walk along the Lake Como Greenway is an experience not to be missed, a route that combines striking landscapes with architectural treasures. Between hikes, don’t forget to sample the local delicacies in one of the many restaurants with a terrace overlooking the lake.

Tremezzina is truly a place where every aspect of a holiday on Lake Como can be fully experienced, from art to cuisine, from nature to relaxation.

Menaggio: elegance on the lakeside

Menaggio is a pearl of rare beauty on Lake Como, striking for its elegance and timeless charm. The lakeside promenade is the beating heart of the town, where you can stroll along admiring the view of the calm waters and the mountains in the background.

Historic architecture and stately villas are interspersed with manicured gardens and cosy squares, creating an atmosphere of serenity and refinement. Sports enthusiasts will find a wide choice of activities in Menaggio, from golf to trekking, from sailing to cycling, with routes suitable for all levels of experience. The town’s strategic location also makes it the ideal starting point for exploring the other towns on the lake, either by land or by a relaxing cruise on Lake Como.

Menaggio embodies the authentic spirit of lakeside holidays, where nature, sport and culture come together.

Cernobbio: prestigious villas and enchanting views

Cernobbio is a resort that enchants visitors with its prestigious villas and picture-postcard views. This elegant village, situated at the foot of Monte Bisbino, is famous for Villa d’Este, a luxurious hotel surrounded by a centuries-old park overlooking the lake. The walk along the shore, with views of the calm waters and mountain profiles, is a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, perfect after a day of exploring.

Cernobbio is also a strategic starting point for excursions and exploring the surrounding area, making it easy to combine tranquillity and adventure. Small boutiques and chic cafés add a touch of style to your Lake Como holiday.

Whether you are looking for a luxurious stay or a simple day immersed in beauty, Cernobbio will satisfy your every desire.

Lake Como’s main attractions

Located in the heart of Lombardy, Lake Como is a treasure trove of natural and architectural beauty. Among the must-see Lake Como attractions is the town of Como, famous for its Gothic cathedral and historic walls. In Bellagio, known as the pearl of the lake, the gardens of Villa Melzi and Villa Serbelloni enchant with their views and history. No less fascinating is Varenna, with its characteristic lakeside promenade and Villa Monastero. In Tremezzo, the majestic Villa Carlotta offers a museum and a botanical garden rich in floral species.

Menaggio attracts visitors with its relaxed charm and lakeside promenades. And for history buffs, Lecco and the manor of Vezio offer glimpses of ancient battles and literary tales. The attractions on Lake Como are a mosaic of cultural and aesthetic experiences, an unforgettable journey between art and nature

Nesso and Isola Comacina: enchanting natural and historical attractions

Nesso: the fascination of the Orrido Waterfall

Nesso is a small jewel located on Lake Como, known for its spectacular Orrido Waterfall, a natural wonder capable of enchanting every visitor. The turbulent waters cascade between narrow rock walls, creating a magical atmosphere and a soothing sound that echoes through the village.

The Lake Como Waterfall, accessible via ancient paved paths and stone bridges, is a magnet for photographers and nature lovers. During a holiday on Lake Como, a visit to Nesso also offers the opportunity to discover the traditional colourful houses clinging to the rocks and the small churches steeped in history.

The experience of observing up close the power of the water merging with the tranquillity of the lake is a unique moment that enriches your stay, adding value to your trip to this area full of surprises.

Comacina Island: a jewel in the heart of Lake Como

Isola Comacina is the only island on Lake Como and represents a small natural and historical paradise. This jewel set in the waters of the lake is rich in medieval ruins, including ancient churches and remains of buildings that tell stories of a glorious past.

The island invites visitors to explore, with footpaths winding through the lush vegetation and offering striking views of the lake. A highlight of the island is the warm hospitality in its restaurants, where one can enjoy local dishes accompanied by panoramic views.

A visit to Isola Comacina is a not-to-be-missed experience for anyone wishing to fully enjoy a holiday on Lake Como, combining the discovery of natural and historical beauty. A place where nature, history and culture come together, leaving visitors with indelible memories of an unusual holiday in Italy.

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The Villas of Lake Como

Historic villas that adorn the shores of Lake Como are windows opening onto a glorious past, bearing witness to centuries of history and culture.

These majestic buildings, once residences of aristocratic families and illustrious personalities, now welcome visitors with their Italian-style gardens, frescoed rooms and art collections. The famous Villa Carlotta, with its works of art and botanical gardens, is a veritable open-air museum.
Villa Melzi in Bellagio enchants with its neoclassical garden stretching along the lake shore. Villa Balbianello, which can only be reached by water or via a picturesque path, is famous for its panoramic location and for having been a set for international films. Visiting these villas is like taking a plunge into the history of Lake Como, an experience that enriches the mind and spirit during your holiday. Even more fascinating, however, is being able to admire them from the lake, during a boat tour: the majestic architecture and the most remote corners of their gardens will have no more secrets for you!

Villa Olmo and Villa Flori: a plunge into Como’s history

Villa Olmo: a neoclassical masterpiece

Villa Olmo is an architectural gem that stands majestically on the shore of Lake Como. This neoclassical masterpiece, built in the late 18th century, enchants visitors with its imposing façade and ornate interior.

The villa takes its name from the centuries-old elms that surround the property, a symbol of nature intertwined with human artistry. A holiday in Italy is enriched by a visit to Villa Olmo, where you can admire original frescoes, elaborate stucco work and period furniture that recount the life of the high society of the time. The gardens, overlooking the lake, offer a serene atmosphere and are the ideal place for moments of reflection.

Villa Olmo is not only a historical testimony, but also an active cultural centre that hosts exhibitions, concerts and conferences, making it a focal point for those who want a stay on Lake Como rich in culture and beauty.

Villa Flori: a luxury stay by the lake

Villa Flori, nestled on the shores of Lake Como, is the epitome of luxury living. This historic residence, transformed into an exclusive hotel, offers its guests an unparalleled experience. The furnished rooms and suites offer breathtaking views of the lake, allowing you to immerse yourself in the tranquillity and beauty of the landscape. 

The interiors retain period charm with modern touches that ensure contemporary comfort. Visitors can dine in gourmet restaurants serving refined dishes with local ingredients, or relax in the wellness centre overlooking the serene waters. Villa Flori is not just an accommodation, but a destination that enriches a Lake Como holiday with unforgettable experiences, perfect for those seeking the combination of history, elegance and relaxation in one of Italy’s most exclusive areas.

Cernobbio: the charm of Villa Erba and Villa D’Este

Villa Erba: a historic palace on the lakeshore

Villa Erba is a jewel of Cernobbio, a town renowned for its elegant historical residences. This imposing building, surrounded by a lush park, overlooks Lake Como, offering striking views. Built at the end of the 19th century, Villa Erba was the home of illustrious personalities and today is one of the most prestigious venues for exclusive events and international congresses. 

The interior spaces, rich in ornamental details and period furniture, convey the charm and grandeur of the past. During a holiday on Lake Como, a visit to Villa Erba means immersing oneself in a fascinating history, amidst decorated rooms and enchanted gardens that have hosted parties and important meetings.
The villa is not only a historical monument, but a beating heart that continues to inspire and attract visitors from all over the world.

Villa D’Este: a luxury hotel in an ancient villa

Villa D’Este in Cernobbio is not a hotel, but a legendary destination for those seeking the ultimate in luxury and sophistication. Built in the 16th century as the residence of a noble family, it now welcomes guests from all over the world to its historic rooms, transformed into sumptuous suites. Overlooking Lake Como, each room is an ode to elegance, where antique furniture and fine fabrics create an atmosphere of timeless charm. Guests can stroll through the Renaissance gardens, past classical statues and fountains, or relax by the pool overlooking the lake. 

The dining experience at Villa D’Este is equally exclusive, with restaurants serving gourmet dishes and interpreting traditional Italian cuisine with a contemporary twist. To stay in this ancient villa, now a luxury hotel, is to experience a part of Lake Como’s history, immersed in a setting of unparalleled beauty and luxury.

VIP villas: Fontanelle and Oleandra

Many tourists come to Lake Como from all over the world to admire the wonderful villas of VIPs. Indeed, there are many celebrities who have taken up residence in villas on the lake over the years, two above all: Gianni Versace and George Clooney.

Villa Fontanelle: Versace’s refuge

Villa Fontanelle is one of Lake Como’s most mysterious and fascinating villas, best known for being the residence of the famous fashion designer Gianni Versace. 

Located in Moltrasio, the villa is distinguished by its refined architecture and opulent interiors, reflecting Versace’s unique style. The designer transformed Villa Fontanelle into an exclusive retreat, an escape from the hustle and bustle of fashion, where he could surround himself with beauty and tranquillity. 

Guests visiting the villa today can admire its beautiful Italian-style garden and terraces offering panoramic views of Lake Como. Versace’s history and legacy live on in the halls and corridors of this residence, making each stay an unforgettable experience for lovers of fashion and luxury during their holiday in Italy.

Villa Oleandra: George Clooney’s Italian residence

Villa Oleandra in Laglio has become famous as the Italian residence of actor George Clooney, a symbol of glamour and sophistication on Lake Como. Purchased by the actor as a personal retreat, the villa has become an icon of style and luxury, attracting the attention of visitors and onlookers alike. 

Villa Oleandra, with its traditional architecture and impeccable gardens, offers a glimpse of the star’s life and represents the dream of a stay on Lake Como surrounded by beauty and serenity. The villa, which is not open to the public, nevertheless remains a must for anyone travelling along the lake, hoping to catch a glimpse of the glamour of celebrity life.
Clooney’s presence has helped reinforce the image of the lake as an exclusive destination, perfect for a holiday full of beauty, privacy and charm.

Lenno and Bellagio: charming villas surrounded by nature

Villa Balbianello: a place of history and nature

Villa Balbianello is one of the most striking destinations on Lake Como, located on the tip of the Lavedo peninsula in Lenno. This historic villa, accessible by land via a scenic walk or by lake, enchants with its elegance and its perfect combination of architecture and natural environment. 

The rooms of Villa Balbianello are embellished with antique furniture and art collections that reflect the adventures of its last owner, explorer Guido Monzino. The meticulously manicured terraced gardens offer unparalleled views of the lake and have often been used as film sets.
A visit to Villa Balbianello offers the opportunity to immerse oneself in a place where history, art and nature come together, making every stay on Lake Como an unforgettable experience, full of charm and beauty.

Villa Melzi: a garden of rare beauty on the lake

Villa Melzi, located in the enchanting Bellagio, is a must for anyone spending a holiday on Lake Como. The real star of the visit is its botanical garden, which extends along the lake shore, creating a path of rare beauty. The garden, designed in the English romantic style, hosts a variety of exotic plants and centuries-old tree species, as well as sculptures, azaleas and rhododendrons that explode in a blaze of colours in spring. The harmony between architecture and landscape is evidenced by the neoclassical-style villa and chapel, which blend in with their surroundings.

A walk along these flower-filled paths, overlooking the calm waters of the lake, is an experience that touches the senses and the soul, leaving indelible memories in the memory of those seeking a stay of relaxation and beauty.

Varenna and Tremezzina: historic villas and enchanting gardens

Villa Monastero: a place of culture on Lake Como

Villa Monastero in Varenna is a centre of culture and science, renowned not only for its architectural beauty but also for its contribution to the academic world. Formerly a women’s monastery, today the villa hosts international conferences and courses. Walking through the halls of the villa, one can admire furnishings that contain antiques and works of art of considerable value. 

The library and archive testify to the cultural importance of Villa Monastero over the centuries. Outside, visitors find themselves immersed in one of Lake Como’s most atmospheric botanical gardens, a long avenue adorned with exotic plants and local varieties overlooking the crystal-clear waters of the lake. Villa Monastero is a place that enchants and educates, offering a unique experience for those seeking cultural enrichment during their holiday in Italy.

Villa Carlotta: an open-air museum between history and nature

Villa Carlotta, located in Tremezzina, is a true oasis of art and nature, appreciated by visitors for its museum and botanical gardens. The museum inside the villa houses priceless works of art, including sculptures by Antonio Canova and paintings by famous artists. 

The villa itself is a magnificent example of 18th century architecture, with rooms adorned with frescoes and original furnishings that tell the story of noble families. Outside, the botanical gardens cover an area of more than 70,000 square metres, offering an extraordinary biodiversity: from the famous azaleas and rhododendrons, resplendent in spring, to exotic plants and ancient trees.

Torno and Blevio: luxury and relaxation on Lake Como

Villa Pliniana: a place of elegance surrounded by nature

Villa Pliniana stands in Torno, surrounded by a natural landscape of rare beauty. This historic villa, dating back to the 16th century, represents the quintessence of elegance and tranquillity. The villa’s interior is a triumph of style, with rooms containing frescoes, precious marbles and artistic treasures that have spanned the centuries. Outside, the private gardens and terraces offer an oasis of peace, ideal for relaxing moments or exclusive events. Those who choose Villa Pliniana for their stay on Lake Como find themselves immersed in an ambience that exudes history, elegance and a sense of absolute serenity, far from the daily hustle and bustle.

Hotel Mandarin Oriental and Villa Troubetzkoy: a luxury stay on Lake Como

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Blevio embodies the ultimate in luxury and comfort for those seeking an exclusive stay on Lake Como. This luxury resort is located in an enchanting location, combining modern amenities with the elegance of Villa Troubetzkoy, an ancient noble residence that is part of the complex. The hotel offers its guests spacious and refined suites with panoramic views of the lake, infinity pools and a high-end wellness centre for total relaxation. The resort’s cuisine is a celebration of local flavours, presented with an international touch. 

Villa Troubetzkoy adds historical charm to the experience, with its well-tended gardens and impressive rooms that tell the story of the region. A stay at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel is synonymous with indulgence and tranquillity, a haven where luxury meets the natural beauty of Lake Como.

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When to visit Lake Como

Planning holidays on Lake Como is an exciting time, opening the door to a world of possibilities.

Things to do on and around Lake Como? To start, decide on the time of year you prefer for your visit: each season on the lake has its own unique charm.

Even if spring is considered the ideal time for a holiday on Lake Como, allowing you to fully appreciate the beauty of the exclusive villas that dot its shores. Lake Como offers unique experiences in every season of the year.

Springtime on Lake Como

Spring is the ideal season for those who want to experience a holiday on Lake Como in the midst of nature’s reawakening. The mild temperatures and the blossoming of vegetation offer the perfect setting for outdoor excursions and admiring the blooming gardens of the historic villas of Lake Como. In this period, the influx of tourists is still limited, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the place with greater tranquillity. The days get longer, giving more daylight hours to explore the picturesque towns overlooking the lake and to embark on pleasant boat trips, discovering hidden corners and enchanting views that only a stay on Lake Como can offer.

Summer: villas and boats on Lake Como

Summer at Lake Como is synonymous with outdoor life and elegance. The lake villas open their lush gardens to the public, displaying refined architecture and breathtaking views reflected in the clear waters of the lake. It is the perfect time for those who want to combine cultural visits with seaside relaxation. 

Hire a boat for an unforgettable experience, sailing to places inaccessible by land and enjoying a unique viewpoint of the region’s wonders. Summer evenings are enlivened by events, lakeside dining and a vibrant atmosphere that brings tourists and residents together in a warm community embrace.
Moreover, summer is the quintessential time for boat tours! Subacco tours, whether short or long, include a stop for a dip in the water and a refreshing swim!
A holiday in Italy, and particularly on Lake Como, during the summer promises an irresistible mix of adventure, culture and pure sensual pleasure.

Autumn and Winter: a year-round stay at Lake Como

Autumn and winter offer a magical atmosphere for a stay on Lake Como.

The autumn foliage on Lake Como offers unique atmospheres, ideal for those who love photography or wish to enjoy the tranquillity of the lake as it prepares for winter rest. The villas of Lake Como, with their gardens tinged with red and gold, stay open late into the autumn, allowing you to savour the local culture without the summer crowds.
Winter enchants with its silence and the possibility of experiencing the lake in a more intimate and reserved version.

Despite the cold, many facilities remain open to welcome visitors seeking a different experience, including Christmas markets and the possibility of practising winter sports nearby. A stay on Lake Como during these months provides the peace and renewal that only nature can offer.

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How to get to Lake Como

To reach the charming Lake Como, an enchanting destination for a holiday in Italy among the villas of Lake Como and a stay on its shores, I recommend you consider several transport options. You can arrive by plane at the airports of Milan Malpensa, Linate or Bergamo Orio al Serio, and then continue by train from Saronno to Como Nord Lago or from Milan to Como San Giovanni. If you prefer the car, you can head for the town of Como or Bellagio to immerse yourself in the western or eastern branch of Lake Como.

With its inverted Y shape and surrounding historic villas, Lake Como promises an unforgettable experience for those wishing to explore its waters on an exciting adventure.

Arriving by plane and train at Lake Como

For those opting for air travel, possibilities include the airports of Milan Malpensa, Linate and Bergamo Orio al Serio. Once landed, the train is a convenient way to reach Lake Como. From Malpensa airport, you can take a train to Saronno and change for Como Nord Lago, a station close to the lake.

From Milan, on the other hand, trains leave from Milano Centrale or Porta Garibaldi station and arrive in Como San Giovanni, connecting the city with the rest of Italy and the European network. These trains offer a comfortable and picturesque journey, passing through characteristic landscapes of Lombardy to reach the tranquillity and beauty of Lake Como, beginning a relaxing and unforgettable holiday.

Arriving by Car On Lake Como

Travelling by car to Lake Como offers flexibility and the possibility to enjoy the landscape at your own pace. From the nearest airport, you can rent a car and drive to the city of Como, located on the south-western side of the lake.

Following the Italian motorway network, you can take the A9 motorway that connects Milan and Como directly. The route is well signposted and will take you through picturesque scenery, with breathtaking views of the mountains on the horizon.

An alternative is to reach Bellagio, known as the ‘pearl of Lake Como’, via scenic roads that wind along the lake, offering enchanting views. Arriving by car will allow you to leisurely discover the villas of Lake Como and stop along the way to admire the landscapes and picturesque villages that dot the region.

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Visiting Lake Como: with family, with friends, as a couple

Exploring Lake Como is a unique experience that promises unforgettable emotions and discoveries.

With its exclusive villas, picturesque villages and breathtaking attractions, a holiday on Lake Como offers special moments for couples, groups of friends or families. From boat tours to discover the natural and cultural beauty, to charming villages such as Bellagio and Varenna, this corner of Italy offers a magical setting for a relaxing break or an exciting adventure.

Discover the hidden wonders of this dream destination and book your stay on Lake Como for an unforgettable experience.

Family holiday on Lake Como: villages and nature

A boat tour on Lake Como with the children turns into an enchanting adventure among historic villages and natural landscapes. Bellagio, known as the pearl of the lake, is a place where families can enjoy strolls along cobbled lanes, discovering craft shops and ice cream parlours. In places like Menaggio or Cadenabbia, equipped beaches offer moments of relaxation and fun for young and old. There are also parks and gardens, such as the famous Villa Melzi Gardens, where children can run and play surrounded by nature, while their parents enjoy the breathtaking view. 

Every corner of Lake Como is a perfect setting to create family memories that will remain etched in the hearts of adults and children alike forever.

Lake Como holiday for couples: romance and relaxation

Lake Como is the ideal setting for a romantic holiday. Couples can enjoy strolls hand in hand along the flower-filled lakeside promenades, discover hidden glimpses and admire unforgettable sunsets. A private boat ride is an unmissable experience, allowing you to explore secret corners of the lake and enjoy intimate moments surrounded by a breathtaking panorama.

The villas of Lake Como, with their blooming gardens and fascinating architecture, are places where love finds a place between history and beauty. Relaxation is guaranteed in one of the many wellness centres overlooking the lake, where couples can indulge in exclusive treatments and moments of pure wellbeing, making their stay on Lake Como an experience to remember with joy.

Lake Como holiday with friends: adventure and fun

Planning a holiday on Lake Como with friends means immersing yourself in a mix of adventure and fun.
Groups of friends in search of excitement can indulge in water sports such as windsurfing or kitesurfing, taking advantage of the ideal weather conditions that the lake offers.

Hiking on the paths along the lake or climbing the nearby Lombardy Pre-Alps are perfect for those who love adrenaline and nature. Nightlife does not disappoint: clubs, bars and discos are the ideal place to end the day toasting with Italian spumante and dancing until dawn.

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Your wedding proposal on Lake Como

Lake Como is one of Italy’s most romantic destinations, perfect for a holiday on its enchanted shores.

Lake Como: a natural romantic theatre

Lake Como is a place where nature provides the perfect setting for a moment as special as a marriage proposal.

The calm, reflecting waters of the lake merge with the surrounding mountains, creating a landscape of incomparable beauty. Historic villas, lush gardens and small picturesque villages add a touch of elegance and old-world charm. Imagine kneeling and asking for your loved one’s hand as the sun sets behind the mountains, painting the sky in shades of pink and orange.

The serene beauty and tranquillity of Lake Como make every moment spent here a precious memory and an intense experience. Choosing Lake Como for your proposal means choosing an unrivalled natural stage, where every detail will help make the moment even more magical.

Lake Como Villas: dream location for the proposal

The villas of Lake Como are world-famous for their refined architecture and enchanting gardens overlooking the tranquil waters of the lake. Locations such as Villa Balbianello, which stands on the tip of a small peninsula, offer a unique panorama and rich history, making it one of the most sought-after locations for a marriage proposal.

Villa Melzi, with its English-style gardens, and Villa Carlotta, known for its art collection and beautiful botanical gardens, are equally spectacular. Each villa has its own distinctive character, ensuring a proposal that reflects your personal style. Imagine walking hand in hand through rose gardens, with the sound of fountains and the scent of flowers filling the air, before stopping at the perfect place to ask the most important question of your life.

Boat tours for your most romantic holiday with Subacco Tour

A boat tour is ideal for discovering the hidden beauty of Lake Como and adding an element of adventure to your romantic holiday.

Subacco Tour offers customised experiences to suit every desire, from sightseeing tours of famous villas to secret stops at unexplored shores. Imagine yourself cruising the calm waters of the lake, surrounded by majestic mountains and picturesque villages, toasting to your love with a glass of local sparkling wine.

This boat tour will not only be part of your holiday, but will become a moment to be framed in your heart, making your proposal on Lake Como an event that will exceed all expectations.

Boat hire for a sunset proposal

Rent a private boat for a marriage proposal on Lake Como is the ultimate in romance! As the sun begins to dip behind the mountain peaks, tinging the sky with warm colours, you will be alone in the middle of the water, enveloped in a silence broken only by the gentle rustling of the waves.

The privacy and intimacy that a boat offers make this kind of proposal memorable, leaving an indelible impression both in the heart and in the memory.